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SERP Features API codes
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SERP Features API codes


There are 2 places to get information about SERP Features via SEMrush API: 

  1. Analytics API 

  2. Position Tracking API (Projects API) 

In the Analytics API, you can pull information about a domain’s keyword portfolio. Here, you can filter to see if they have any SERP Features. The column header for SERP Features in API is Fl (locate all column headers in API documentation).

Parameters in Analytics API

The parameters for filtering SERP Features (in Analytics API) are available as follows:

include: display_filter=+|Fl|Eq|<serp feature id>

exclude: display_filter=-|Fl|Eq|<serp feature id>

  • 0: InstantAnswer
  • 1: KnowledgeGraph
  • 2: Carousel
  • 3: LocalPack
  • 4: News
  • 5: Images
  • 6: SiteLinks
  • 7: Review
  • 8: Tweet
  • 9: Video
  • 10: FeaturedVideo
  • 11: FeaturedSnippet

SERP Feature Labels in Projects API

In Position Tracking API calls, you can gather data on the SERP Features that your website (or any website you’re tracking) has among the keywords that you’re tracking. Again, the column heading for SERP Features in these calls is Fl.

The labels for each SERP Feature in Projects API responses are:

  • fsn: Featured snippet
  • geo: Local pack
  • rev: Reviews
  • stl: Site links
  • vid: Video
  • vib: Featured video
  • new: Top stories
  • rel: People also ask
  • img: Images
  • twt: Twitter
  • knw: Instant answer
  • kng: Knowledge panel
  • shp: Shopping ads
  • adt: AdWords top
  • adb: AdWords bottom
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