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Track Your Baidu Rankings with Position Tracking

We are excited to inform you that we’ve launched rank tracking in the first Chinese search engine Baidu within our Position Tracking! Read more...Position Tracking: Baidu Rank Tracking Launch banner

Share Content on Social Media in One Click

Found something share-worthy while surfing the web? You can now schedule a post to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn from anywhere on the internet with just one click using our Social Media Poster Chrome extension, and the tool will make it live the moment you need it. Read more...

Social Media Poster Chrome extension banner

Brand Monitoring: Traffic Level Labels

Obviously, success involves much work, and the more recognizable on the Web you become, the more brand mentions you have to track. We know how important it is to keep from getting lost in the sea of analytical data and are proud to present a new handy feature in our BM tool – it now shows you some helpful clues on what sites you should pay more attention to, according to the amount of traffic they get. Read more...

BM labels banner

SEMrush Integration with DashThis

We are thrilled to make an exciting announcement for agencies and digital marketers — SEMrush is now integrated with DashThis, a digital marketing reporting tool that allows you to keep all your marketing data in one automated report. Read more...SEMrush Integration with DashThis banner

Find Content Ideas and Turn Them into an Action Plan

How often do your ideas slip your mind as you didn’t write them down? Starting from today we’ll take care of this and won’t let your muse fly away! Read more...

Find content ideas and turn them into an action plan

Brand Monitoring: Backlinks Statistics and Link To URL Filter

We’re happy to introduce a few updates to our Brand Monitoring tool you should pay attention to. Without further ado, let’s see what's new. Read more...

BM banner.

Social Media Tracker: Instagram Support Is Disabled

You may already have heard that Instagram introduced immediate changes to their API platform on April 4th. As they were planned to be effective significantly later this year, we were caught unawares and are forced to bring you this news as a fait accompli. Read more...

Social Media Tracker: Instagram is disabled banner

Optimisez la vitesse de votre site Web grâce à l'Audit de site

D'après les dernières données de Google, si la vitesse de chargement d'une page Web passe de une à dix secondes, la probabilité de rebond d'un visiteur sur un site mobile augmente de 123 %. Ça a l'air compliqué, n'est-ce pas ?  En savoir plus…Site Audit Performance Report news banner

Backlinks: Export Any Report’s Data into a PDF

You wanted it – now we’ve done it. We’ve taken reporting in Backlink Analytics to a new level! It is now possible to export any report into a PDF file. Read more...

Backlinks banner

SEO Writing Assistant : votre aide indispensable pour votre contenu

Spécialistes en contenu, rédacteurs de contenu, stratèges du contenu... Parfois, il y a trop de « contenu » à traiter. Textes courts ou longs articles, courriels ou posts de blog, il arrive que vous en ayez besoin rapidement, et vous devez être sûr qu'ils répondent à diverses exigences de qualité. En savoir plus…

SEO writing assistant banner

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