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Agency Partners platform | Semrush

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Get a leg-up with your next marketing project from a trusted Semrush agency partner.
Discover and connect with the strongest professionals supported by first-class technology.
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    Experienced professionals

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    Better and faster results

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    Access to powerful technology

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What can an Agency Partner help you with?

Our Agency Partners are skilled marketers who have excelled at helping their clients grow. Being long-time Semrush users, they also know how to make the most of the data and tools we provide. Rely on an Agency Partner to supplement your team and take a shortcut to better marketing results.

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Discover the most skilled marketing agencies from our community to outsource your marketing to.

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Questions & Answers

  • Yes. Semrush does not charge marketers looking to hire an agency.

  • Access to the platform is offered as one of the benefits included in the Agency Growth Kit. Please note that we require all Agency Partners to get certified via Semrush Academy to ensure the highest quality experience for the users of the platform.

  • We require all agencies to get certified via Semrush Academy before they can create their profile. This increases transparency and helps agencies build rapport with the users of the platform. While taking our courses and passing the exams, you'll also get a chance to brush up on your Semrush knowledge and learn how to make the most out of our tools.

  • The Agency Partners platform connects the users looking for support with their digital projects with trusted marketing agencies. Once you’re trained and certified via Semrush Academy, you'll get Semrush Agency Partner status. You’ll be able to create your dedicated page on semrush.com and get exposed to our global community of over 6 million marketers.

  • At the moment, the Agency Partners interface is available in English only. However, we welcome agencies from all over the world to become part of the project. Localization of the platform is planned for the nearest future.

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