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Social Media Poster

Let the tool do the work. Free up your time for better things.

  • Schedule & post
  • Create drafts
  • Get content ideas

Schedule and forget about it

Plan your Facebook and Twitter publications for weeks ahead and leave it to the tool to post them when the time comes. Create a personalized posting schedule or click on any time slot in the posting calendar to schedule your post.

Move and order posts using the drag-and-drop feature; multi-schedule those that get the most engagement in a click!

Create drafts for future activities

Your text is ready, but you haven’t found an image or don’t have a link for it yet? Any post that you don’t have the time to finish off can be saved as a draft. No draft will go live without your approval.

You can set a reminder for when you would like to come back to the draft, and when the time comes, we will notify you that it is awaiting completion.

Get ideas for external content

Connect RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and other resources, get suggestions on great posts and share them with your audience in one click.

Get started!

Let the tool do the work. Free up your time for better things.

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