Semrush is pleased to announce an exciting new feature in our SEO Writing Assistant tool: the abilit

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SEO Writing Assistant: Easily Share Documents With Your Team

Semrush is pleased to announce an exciting new feature in our SEO Writing Assistant tool: the ability to share your documents with other users.


This update helps you to distribute workloads among different team members, share documents with specific individuals, and significantly streamline your content optimization workflow.

Enhance Your Content Optimization Process

The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) tool already allows you to create and optimize your digital content within the Semrush platform.

Now, though, you can integrate the tool more effectively into your collaborative process, and scale your content production more easily. For example:

  • Writers can share documents via email with editors, proofreaders, or other colleagues to review their work, without the need to purchase extra accounts or share login information. 
  • Content or marketing managers can oversee and manage their team’s output more easily, regardless of if their writers are in-house or outsourced.
  • Agencies and clients can envision and create content together in one place.

How Does It Work?

Document owners can set multiple share permissions depending on their subscription level. They are as follows:

  • Users with access to SWA can share documents with “Writer” access to anyone via email. This is useful if, for instance, you are working with an external freelancer who doesn’t have a paid Semrush account (they will be invited to create a free Semrush account in the email). “Writer” access allows the invited user to change the document’s text.
  • Users with access to SWA can share documents with “Manager” access to all other paid users. “Manager” access allows invited users to not only change the text, but also edit settings, create new documents, and re-share documents.
  • Semrush corporate account owners and administrators possess “Manager” access to their sub-users’ documents by default.


You can manage user roles on the User Management page.

Getting Started

SEO Writing Assistant is only available as part of the Content Marketing Toolkit, which is included with a Semrush Guru or Business subscription.

You can learn more about Semrush’s pricing plans here.

To use the feature, open the SWA tool, create a new document, and click “Share.” Then, follow the instructions in the pop-up.


To learn more about how SEO Writing Assistant can improve your content and boost its chances of ranking, check out our in-depth guide.

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