October 6, 2016image

A new SEOquake feature is now available: Keyword Difficulty! You might have already seen this metric in SEMrush reports. The Keyword Difficulty score has been designed to help you estimate how much effort it will take to seize your competitors’ positions in organic search for a particular keyword. Now we’ve added this unique feature to the Google search interface. 


You can also click on the ‘Full Report’ link to get to a SEMrush’s Keyword Overview report for the word you’re looking for.  

This metric is enabled by default. However, the first time you run SEOquake, a tooltip will appear that will allow you to turn the Keyword Difficulty feature off. 
Also, to disable this option, go to the ‘SERP Overlay Preferences’ section in your SEOquake browser extension’s settings and uncheck the ‘Show keyword difficulty’ box.


SEOquake is growing rapidly, so keep checking for updates! And don’t forget to send your comments and suggestions to

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