New Network Graph Speeds Up Your Backlink Analysis

November 8, 2022image

Off-page SEO is a whole job on its own. Between monitoring your backlink health, finding new prospects, and conducting outreach, it can be enough to make you want to scream into a pillow.

Instead, you can use the new Network Graph report to do much more with your backlink analysis workflow in less time.


The Network Graph is an interactive network of domains that shows: 

  1. An analyzed domain’s most significant referring domains
  2. Second and third-tier links that could be potential outreach candidates
  3. Instances of link manipulation tactics 

Use it as a quick visual aid to show the strength of a website’s connections (good and bad). Plus, gather tons of link outreach candidates for the future with the web of its connections.


It’s like a swiss army knife for your backlink profile, and it’s officially available to all Semrush subscribers.

How Does the Network Graph Report Work?

The Network Graph report works by finding link building opportunities for your site based on an analyzed domain’s most significant referring domains. 

Significant referring domain means: 

  • It has a high Authority Score 
  • Domain links a lot to the analyzed one
  • Linking domain doesn't have a lot of outgoing links to other domains

Then, it takes these referring domains and looks at their referring domains. These are link building opportunities for you. 

Each dot in the web of connections represents a website. The smaller the dot, the lower its Authority Score is.  

All of the dots connected to the analyzed domain ( in the example below) are the first-tier referring domains. 

The 12 dots below are the most significant referring domains for  


The second tier of referring domains links to the first tier in the image above. 

This network graph goes down to a final third tier. The nodes here are significant domains connected to the dots in the second tier.  


The colors of the network tell something different about each link. For example: 

  • Green: Highly relevant to the niche of the analyzed domain
  • Gray: Relevant to the analyzed domain’s niche, but not as much as green connections
  • Red: Suspicious referring domains

An analyzed domain can have red connections in its network and still be reputable.

However, it could indicate a possible link scheme. Clustered red dots may point to a private blog network. This helps you identify both. 

Spend Less Time Looking Through Spreadsheets

There’s so much to be discovered about ways to boost your backlink profile. And it’s easy to do it. 

To learn more about how to use our Network Graph report, check out the Knowledge Base article. Or you can get straight to using it. 

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