Media Monitoring: Turn your brand mentions into valuable marketing assets

March 29, 2022image


Netflix, Burger King, Wendy’s, Sanofi—what unites all these brands? They know how to work with their brand mentions and shoot a witty response that turns haters into fans and reflects the brand’s character.

Is it just a matter of having a big social and online reputation management team, then? 

No. It’s really about having the right tool that tracks your brand mentions and goes even beyond that.

The Semrush App Center team has gone through dozens of apps that monitor mentions and stumbled upon a solution that really covers it all - the Media Monitoring app by Brand24.

What is Media Monitoring app?

The Media Monitoring app—now a part of our Semrush App Center—doesn’t simply track your brand mentions. Because brand monitoring only starts there.

The app equips you with all the intel you need to transform your mentions into valuable marketing assets—from filling you with customer feedback to helping you discover influencers and brand ambassadors. 


Unleash the Full Power of the Media Monitoring App

Empowered with additional features like sentiment analysis and in-built reach measurement, the app allows you to:

  • Discover brand mentions across any medium—social media, news, message boards, reviews, podcasts, and even video.
  • Reveal customer feedback and manage your online reputation by filtering mentions by sentiment.
  • Stack your brand’s reach up against the competition to measure the performance of your PR and other marketing efforts.
  • Prioritize your link-building by checking which mentions are worth turning into backlinks (based on reach).
  • Find brand ambassadors by seeing who loves your brand and has the right reach. 

Supercharge your PR and communications with the ultimate brand monitoring solution!

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