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April 19, 2019image

The whole search world is moving from targeting keywords to audiences, which are themselves the new keywords. They allow advertisers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, in a way that keywords are incapable of. 

Reflecting this change, we're implementing a long-awaited feature for you. Here you go: the Audience Targeting report is now available in Display Advertising.

The new report can be used by all types of PPC managers, content marketers, and brand strategists. It collects data on the audience that viewed ads from a domain you’re interested in. You can easily view your audience, your competitors’, and then compare them.

Find the Audience Targeting report in the Overview tab. You can see breakdowns by gender, age, interests, and top advertiser categories – everything you need to estimate your or your rivals’ audience and create experimental ad campaigns. If you need any additional data (audience interests, advertising platform categories), please leave your feedback – we will send you a separate report.


The Audience Targeting report will come in handy if you need to:

  • Check whether you’ve chosen the proper audience for your product
  • Expand your marketing funnel
  • Search for new insights for a clearer understanding of your target audience
  • Analyze advertising placements
  • Find out the difference between your and your competitors’ target audiences

Moreover, you can analyze the advertisers’ audiences, as well as the audience of a separate placement. The difference is that for an advertiser we show Audience Targeting data for their ad campaign. For a placement we show the audience data of this platform and its categories.  

How do you like this update? As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. Send your comments, ideas and suggestions to display-advertising-feedback@semrush.com.

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