Create Quality Content with Copymatic’s AI Writing Assistant App

March 9, 2023image

Creating compelling copy that attracts organic traffic to your site is essential yet time-consuming work, even for seasoned professionals. So, what if you had a solution to make it easier?

Semrush is excited to announce a new addition to its App Center: AI Writing Assistant by Copymatic, an intelligent tool that uses AI to generate engaging and relevant copy in minutes.

Create top-tier content with ease so you can focus your energy on other aspects of growing your business.

What Is AI Writing Assistant?

Copymatic’s AI Writing Assistant is an AI writing tool used specifically for creating website copy, blogs, social media posts, ads, ecommerce copy, and more.

Why Should I Use AI Writing Assistant?

AI Writing Assistant offers endless benefits to its users. With it, you can:

  • Get high-quality content in minutes so you never miss a copywriting deadline again
  • Generate infinite ideas and messaging possibilities to consider, test, and execute
  • Ensure your content is original with its built-in plagiarism checker

Attract More Organic Traffic with Our AI Text Generator

Whether you’re writing content for your business website or LinkedIn profile, AI Writing Assistant is equipped with an unmatched database of copy. The app provides content based on the best industry practices, helping optimize content for search engines and ensuring it is relevant to your target audience.

Design AI-Generated Images in Seconds

Need images to attract and engage current and new followers to your social media, landing pages, or blog? With Copymatic’s creative Image Generator, you can create AI-generated images with professional quality by using text straight from your website or blog.

The Image Generator is equipped with a wide range of stylistic options for your photos. Filter your custom images by style, medium, artist, mood, and other details.

No more searching for hard-to-find images or purchasing expensive stock photos. Copymatic’s AI Image Generator will create the perfect image for your unique content in seconds.

Who Can Use AI Writing Assistant?

AI Writing Assistant is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to create content, from solopreneurs to large enterprises.

To learn more about AI Writing Assistant—and how it can create content that outperforms your competitors—check it out in the Semrush App Center.