Semrush CRM Update: Jumpstart Client Management with Digital Marketing Checklists

July 8, 2022image


Semrush CRM users can now get more guidance on client management by using the new Task Checklists feature. 

These digital marketing checklists work well with an existing client or for onboarding a new client. The feature helps prioritize tasks to ensure the agency is on track with client success.

Using and creating checklists is easy and can be added via the Tasks tab in the Semrush CRM. 

Semrush CRM >> A client card >> Tasks tab >> Checklists


In the checklists, you can directly add tasks to your queue. After adding the task, you can:

  • Categorize the task
  • Assign a priority 
  • Set due dates
  • Edit the name of the task or the description
  • Request approval from the client
  • Enter costs incurred
  • Track the time spent on the task

The tasks in your queue can be also sent to clients who can view them in the Client Portal. Clients are also able to collaborate with you directly from their Client Portal if they have a question or comment about the


With the power of checklists, agencies are more capable of managing tasks and action items and can easily handle recurring tasks and processes for each client. 

It also allows them to keep the tasks more organized, track the progress of those tasks, delegate tasks to other agency employees, and feel more motivated to complete the client profile and improve their website and social media.

It is also useful in strengthening team collaboration and communication internally and externally while reducing mistakes that can occur when handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Start using the Task Checklists in the CRM! And visit our Beginners Guide to Using Semrush CRM to start managing your tasks better.

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