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My Reports tool

Google My Business Data in My Reports

To help you ensure that the data reported is accurate, we at SEMrush are constantly improving our report builder by adding as many reliable data sources that may be beneficial for your business as possible. Read more... Google My Business Data in My Reports banner

Google Search Console Data in My Reports

SEMrush’s very own My Reports service is developing constantly as we keep adding new data sources so that you can create perfect analytical reports. And the new source we’ve recently added is a really special one. It’s been a long time coming, and finally you’re able to add to your reports the widgets providing data from Google Search Console – an indispensable tool for marketers. Read more...My reports GSC banner

Google Analytics Data in My Reports

We at SEMrush believe that statistics should be gathered from different sources so your data is as objective as possible. With this in mind, we keep integrating data from rock-solid sources that you and your clients are very familiar with into our tools. Read more...

My Reports Google Analytics Widget banner

Find Widgets for Your Scheduled Reports More Easily

The My Reports tool helps marketing specialists gather all the necessary data into one customized report and share it with their bosses and clients. This tool really saves time by updating information automatically. We at SEMrush keep embedding new widgets into the Report Builder to make your reports more rich and detailed. The good news is that you can now collect your favorite widgets in one place and easily find any widget in the search bar! Read more...SEMrush: Find Widgets for Your Scheduled Reports More Easily image 1

My Reports: Pictures Inserting

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our multi-functional report builder, which is designed to merge all of your various data into one report – thank you! However, it’s time to make our tool more incredible! Read more... 

SEMrush: My Reports: Pictures Inserting image 1

Mes rapports : Modification instantanée des rapports

L'outil Mes rapports vous permet de créer des rapports d'analyse parfaits et de les partager avec vos clients. Mais comment faire si vous devez modifier ce rapport parfait pour pouvoir l'envoyer à différents clients ? En savoir plus...

SEMrush: Mes rapports : Modification instantanée des rapports image 1



Mes rapports : En vue complète

L'outil Mes rapports est toujours à votre service, prêt à vous aider pour créer des rapports pratiques et personnalisés. Vous pouvez concevoir n'importe quel type de rapport que vous voulez et le distribuer à toute personne intéressée. Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter la mise à jour du Générateur de rapportEn savoir plus...

SEMrush: Mes rapports : En vue complète image 1



Mes Rapports : sortie des widgets d’audit de site pour le générateur de rapport

L’outil Mes Rapports fournit une aide précieuse pour créer de parfaits rapports personnalisés. Vous pouvez désigner tout type de rapport et le distribuer parmi toutes les personnes intéressées. Et notre nouvel ajout – les Widgets d’audit de site – étendra encore considérablement vos possibilités de création de rapports. Lire la suite...

site audit widget

My Reports: Quick Branding & New Reports

The recent updates to the SEMrush My Reports tool introduced four new PDF reports along with the much requested Quick Branding feature. After defining your PDF branding settings once, you can now choose to automatically add a previously used logo and headline text to your future PDF reports. Read more...

My Reports - Quick Branding feature news preview picture

PDF Reports: Faster, Better, Customizable

Recently, we released a huge update to our PDF report service that introduces a whole lot of improvements and even some brand new features! These include improved real-time PDF exports, report customization, and a new tool for tracking and managing created reports! Read more…

PDF Reports update news preview picture