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Content Marketing Platform

Unlock the Content Marketing Platform and Try Our Writing Service for Free

This week we’re running a special offer for our PRO users who want to fine-tune their content marketing. By upgrading to GURU, you can get access to the Content Marketing Platform, receive a free writing service from our Marketplace, and save 100$! Read more...Content bundle offer news banner

SEMrush Content Marketplace: Traffic-driving Content in a Few Clicks

If you’ve been with us long enough, you probably know how our product has grown — SEMrush started as an SEO toolkit as well as a keyword research solution. Read more...

SEMrush Content Marketplace banner

Content Ideas Generator: Get Your Perfect Headline

Looking for an eye-catching headline for your article but lacking inspiration? It can happen to anyone. Good ideas don’t always come into your head when you need them. Or should we say ‘fall on your head’? Read more...

content ideas generator pic

Find Content Ideas and Turn Them into an Action Plan

How often do your ideas slip your mind as you didn’t write them down? Starting from today we’ll take care of this and won’t let your muse fly away! Read more...

Find content ideas and turn them into an action plan

SEO Writing Assistant : votre aide indispensable pour votre contenu

Spécialistes en contenu, rédacteurs de contenu, stratèges du contenu... Parfois, il y a trop de « contenu » à traiter. Textes courts ou longs articles, courriels ou posts de blog, il arrive que vous en ayez besoin rapidement, et vous devez être sûr qu'ils répondent à diverses exigences de qualité. En savoir plus…

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Content Analyzer : un audit complet et détaillé du contenu de votre site

À quel point les pages de votre site sont-elles pertinentes pour votre audience cible ? Êtes-vous sûrs de bien surveiller votre contenu ? Il y a toujours trop de questions qui se posent quand il s’agit de gérer un site, mais nous répondons toujours avec un seul mot : SEMrush. Lire la suite...

SEMrush : Content Analyzer : un audit complet et détaillé du contenu de votre site image 1

SEO Content Template: Full Speed Ahead!

After four months in the beta stage, we’re excited to announce that SEO Content Template has graduated out of beta and is fully stable! Read more...SEO Content Template Out of Beta banner

See How Your Rivals Use Your Target Keywords with SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template, a unique advice-giving tool for creating SEO-friendly content, now shows you how your rivals use your target keywords. Read more...SEO Content Template See how your rivals use your target keywords banner

Content Tool: New Keyword Databases

We’ve already received a ton of positive feedback on the Content tool, which continues to keep an eye on your content posted on external websites. It’s high time to trigger the sustained growth of our tool’s functionality! Read more...SEMrush : Content Tool: New Keyword Databases image 1

SEO Templates for Content in One Click

We are happy to announce the release of a unique SEMrush tool - SEO Content Template, which will help you to come up with semantically rich and SEO optimized content that has a great chance of making it to Google’s top 10 in a flash. Read more...SEMrush : SEO Templates for Content in One Click image 1