Backlink Audit: A New Convenient Way to Get Actionable Insights

March 21, 2022image


Backlinks may be the hardest part of your SEO strategy to tackle. For one, you don’t have much control over who gives you one. We can’t change that fact, but our new Profile Insights update makes it easier to manage your backlink profile. 

With the updated Profile Insights feature, all Semrush subscribers now have the ability to quickly identify problem areas in their backlink strategy and get actionable ways to fix it all in one place. 


What Does This Update Mean for You?

You can now get insights about your backlink profile's health in no time at all. 

Simply look at the top of the Overview report, find what’s holding back your link building strategy, read how to fix it, and move on! 

Clicking on the blue call-to-action button on a card from the Overview report leads you to the appropriate report within the Backlink Audit tool with the right filters automatically applied. 

You can also find the new Insights feature at the top of every report within the Backlink Audit tool (aside from the Lost and Found report, where it’s below the first widget). 

When you open any tab from the tool, an accordion drop-down menu will appear (minus the Overview report). Click it to get some tips to clean up your backlink profile. 


These actionable insights keep you aware of the backlinks you have (both good and bad) and tell you what steps you should take to keep your backlink profile healthy. It’s easy to see when you lose a non-toxic link and what to do when you gain a toxic one.  

Between all of the features of this tool, there are a total of 28 different Backlink Profile Recommendations to help boost your SEO and website credibility.

Some examples of these Backlink Profile Recommendations include: 

  • Warning: new toxic domains 
  • Warning: domain is not ranking in Google 
  • Pay attention: spike in irrelevant domains 
  • Pay attention: potential link networks
  • Settings recommendation: connect Google Search Console 
  • Settings recommendation: how to send request to a site owner


Each Insight is color-coded to let you know its priority: 

  • Red: These are warnings you need to fix ASAP.  
  • Orange: Issues highlighted in orange indicate potential problems you should pay attention to
  • Blue: Those highlighted in blue are project settings you might not have set up yet—look into these to use the Backlink Audit tool to its full potential. 

These new suggestions explain what you’re dealing with and why it matters. 

We think this makes one of the toughest aspects of SEO simpler, allowing you to focus on other parts of your backlink strategy (or maybe a new hobby like competitive dog grooming?). 

Learn more about how the Backlink Audit tool can make one of the toughest parts of SEO easier in our Knowledge Base or jump into your backlink profile now.

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