Analytics Narratives App Launches in Semrush App Center

February 15, 2023image

What is Analytics Narratives?

Analytics Narratives is an app that unravels complex Google Analytics data into easily digestible, actionable reports and objectives for your business.

Instead of switching back and forth between multiple tools in your tech stack — interpret and leverage raw data for your business (and its campaigns) all in one convenient location. With the Analytics Narrative app you get a strategic view of your web traffic in one location with simple reporting.

Save yourself time crunching complex numbers and instead let Analytics Narratives automate and sort the most important data for your business. Make smart decisions about your website’s performance with plain English narratives that do not require an extensive background in technology to understand or interpret.

With Analytics Narratives you can detect anomalies and receive alerts when there are odd or distinct new patterns in web traffic. This way you can mitigate erroneous data and correct whatever technical issues that have arisen.

Use Analytics Narrative To Make Your Life Easier

If you are a business owner, manage an agency, or whether you’re a content marketer who wears a lot of hats, Analytics Narrative can help you optimize your time and your data to tell a story of your web performance that is easier to understand and share.

With this app you can:

  • Get a faster, deeper understanding of web analytics without needing to get a technical degree
  • Schedule and automate reports so you can spend precious resources on other big aspects of brand building
  • Get better insight into user behavior so you can tailor your findings to better advertising and marketing campaigns

Start interpreting raw data like an absolute pro, be the first to know when user behavior and web traffic shifts, and automate your reporting so you can spend your time on high-level initiatives.

Start using your data for good. Get a free trial and see what the tool can do for you.

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