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How to use Social Media Poster Chrome Extension


The Social Media Poster Chrome extension allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn while you browse the web with just one click. The tool automatically makes your post live the moment you need it.

From your browser window the Chrome extension allows you to:

  • share a webpage
  • share an image
  • share a piece of text
  • make a retweet in Twitter
  • make a repost in Facebook

Sharing content takes just three simple steps:

This article will guide you through these steps and settings adjustments of the extension.

How to install the Social Media Poster Chrome extension

To use the extension, you need to be registered with Semrush and have at least one active project for which you’ve set up Social Media Poster. If you’re new to the tool, find out how to configure it.

Once you have a running project, take the following steps:

  • Open Google Chrome browser and go to the extension page
  • Click on the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ buttonAdd to Chrome
  • In the popup window confirm that you want to add the extension
  • Then, when it’s added to your browser, click on the extension’s icon to connect your Semrush accountConnect Semrush account
  • In the popup window click on the ‘Connect Semrush account’ button
  • Enter your Semrush login details, and
  • Approve the access for the extensionApprove the access

Now you are free to schedule posts while you browse the Internet.

How to use Social Media Poster extension

Step 1. Depending on the type of content you want to share while browsing the web, you can do the following:

  • To share a webpage, use hotkey ‘Alt+S’ or click on the extension’s icon.Share a webpage
  • To share an image, hover over it and click on the extension’s icon.Share an Image
  • To share a piece of text, select it, click the right button of your mouse and tap on ‘Share selected text’ next to the extension’s icon.Share a text
  • To retweet in Twitter, click on the extension’s icon below a tweet.Share a tweet
  • To share a Facebook post, click on the extension’s icon below a post. Note: these posts are not flagged as shares or reposts, but as new posts.Share a post

Step 2. After you’ve clicked on the extension’s icon, Social Media Poster will open in the same browser tab and prompt you to:

  • add the post to a queue
  • schedule it for later
  • post it now, or
  • save it as a draft

Create new postIn the same tab, you can switch between Semrush projects and social profiles.

Check out the other possibilities Social Media Poster gives you.  

How do I change the extension settings?

Click the right mouse button on the extension’s icon on the top right of your browser and select ‘Options’.Access optionsHere you can change Semrush account and enable/disable:

  • Facebook feed
  • Twitter feed
  • Share button on images
  • Keyboard shortcutExtension options

Can I use the extension without a Semrush account?

In order to run the Social Media Poster extension, you will need a Semrush account, paid or free, with a project for which you’ve set up Social Media Poster.

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