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How is Personal Keyword Difficulty (PKD) calculated?

How is Personal Keyword Difficulty (PKD) calculated?

The Personal Keyword Difficulty (PKD) metric answers how difficult it will be for the specified domain to reach the top 10 of the SERP for the specified keyword. The higher the metric value, the more difficult it is.

Personal Keyword Difficulty differs from Keyword Difficulty because Keyword Difficulty initially does not consider which domain you are conducting keyword research for and shows an average estimate across the industry. At the same time, PKD evaluates the difficulty of promotion specifically for your domain.

Personal Keyword Difficulty is calculated using our proprietary AI algorithm. It assesses the thematic relevance between the domain you've entered and the keyword, considers the competition level within the topic, and considers metrics of your domain and those of competitor domains present on the SERP.

Here are the six levels of Personal Keyword Difficulty:

- Very hard (85-100%): You'll need to put in a lot of work with on-page SEO, link-building, and promoting your content.

- Hard (70-84%): This level requires a good number of high-quality websites linking to yours (reference domains) and well-optimized content.

- Difficult (50-69%): You'll need a decent amount of reference domains and content that's well-optimized.

- Possible (30-49%): This level needs your content to be well-structured and unique.

- Easy (15-29%): Quality content that matches the keyword's intent is key here.

- Very easy (0-14%): This level offers a great chance to start ranking new pages.

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