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How to find the highest-impact keywords around your Amazon product

How to find the highest-impact keywords around your Amazon product

The right keywords are an important part of your Amazon SEO; they can help you boost your Amazon rankings and outperform the competition within the marketplace. In this article, we'll show you how to uncover keyword intel around any product you want to target.

You can identify the most efficient keywords to optimize your listing by checking such metrics as:

  • Search volume — how many Amazon visitors enter a given search term each month; 
  • Competition level — how many listings target this keyword.

*If you want to learn more about creating a successful keyword strategy for Amazon, check out this post.

1. Enter your seed keyword

To find the most efficient keywords around your product, start with the very basics. If you’re selling bluetooth headphones, use this term as your seed keyword and press the “Search” button for further exploration.

Keyword Wizard getting started

2. Unwrap similar/related keywords

The Keyword Wizard for Amazon app allows you to choose between four keyword groupings:

Keyword wizard related keywords

  • Related — shows keyword opportunities related to the seed keywords that you entered. These related keywords might offer opportunities for you to market your product in a broader way. Example: bluetooth headphones; wireless earbuds (related keyword)
  • Broad match — offers keyword variations around your seed keyword or keyword phrase, where the phrase can be placed in any order for the widest coverage. Example: waterproof headphones for swimming bluetooth
  • Phrase match — reflects search terms that include the exact keyword or keyword phrase in any order. Example: headphones wireless bluetooth
  • Exact match — shows all variations around your seed keyword that contain the exact keyword or keyword phrase in that precise order. Example: bluetooth headphones over ear

Pro tip: Narrowing down your keyword research after getting initial results is always a good idea.

3. Use advanced filtering options to find hidden keyword treasures

Once you select a certain keyword grouping option, make use of filters to pinpoint search terms with the highest efficiency:

  • Set the search volume filter to the highest possible range and go one step down if you see no keywords.

Pro tip: Maybe don’t use the maximum search volume range (>100,000), as such high demand potentially implies really strong competition.

  • Apply the competition filter to determine how many competing listings the keyword can have. Of course, in this case, you’ll want to select the lowest competition possible.
  • Don’t forget to make use of the “exclude” option to make sure your list doesn't include an unrelated brand name that your listing shouldn't feature (a part of Amazon’s policy).

Once you’re done, you’ll get a neat list of keywords with maximum performance potential.

Keyword Wizard excluding keywords

4. Download your final keyword list

If you don’t want to use the newly uncovered keywords straight away, you can simply press the “Export” button and download them in an easy-to-navigate .csv file.

Keyword Wizard export

The downloadable list can include up to 1,000 keywords, and you can make use of ticks to only save keywords that you plan to implement.

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