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Paraphrasing Tool:Write Effective and Original Copy with AI

Turn your ideas into engaging text that persuades your audience and tells your story the right way.

What Can the Paraphrasing Tool Do for You?

Get all of the important insights into this year’s content marketing trends, wins, projections, and more. Learn from businesses just like yours and discover new growth opportunities.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say

To help improve the impact of your message, the tool will:

  • Shorten and restructure sentences
  • Rewrite sentences and adapt them
  • Provide 3 different paraphrased versions for any idea
  • Generate natural-sounding copy for a native-English-speaking audience

Get data-based recommendations for writing better copy

Our online rephraser will generate a score for the most fundamental writing criteria so that you can achieve better results. The tool provides data on:

  • Readability
  • Tone of voice
  • Copy length

How Does the Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Semrush’s Paraphrasing tool leverages a powerful machine-learning algorithm to help you craft engaging copy that captivates your audience. It’s completely free to use.

Just enter your copy and instantly generate original, paraphrased text you can use for any platform online, anywhere.
Tear down writer’s block, and create copy that differentiates you while ensuring originality and consistency.
Use it to describe your ideas in greater detail, or even to reiterate multiple versions of text for other formats or platforms.

Why Use the Paraphrasing Tool?

Spend less time rewriting and reiterating your messages
Create engaging text that delivers exactly what you want it to say
Access unlimited versions of your paraphrased copy

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What is the Paraphrasing tool and how does it work?
It’s a rephrasing tool that uses an advanced algorithm to provide you with plagiarism-free, engaging copy for various channels.
Why should I use the Paraphrasing tool?
The Paraphrasing tool will have your back if you face writer’s block or can’t figure out the best way to adapt your text for various formats. It’ll also help you find the best way to translate your ideas into text and engage your readers.
What are the features of the Semrush Paraphrasing tool?
Our free Paraphrasing tool offers several important features:
  • Advanced sentence and paragraph rephraser
  • Unlimited usage and at least three ideas for every paraphrase
  • “Copy vitals” — you can instantly see the length of your content, its tone of voice and its readability
How much does the Paraphrasing tool cost?
The Paraphrasing tool is free to use, with no limits. You can use it to paraphrase your content as much as you want, and share it with your teammates and writers.