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What Is Website Authority?

Website authority (also called domain authority) is a measurement used to evaluate a domain’s overall quality and SEO performance.

For example, Semrush’s Authority Score is a compound metric that’s calculated based on the website’s referring domains, backlinks, organic traffic, and other factors.

This value is expressed on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the stronger and more authoritative the website is. And the likelier it is to rank well in Google’s search results.

How Does Semrush Calculate Domain Authority?

The Authority Score calculation is designed to mimic Google’s ranking systems. And it uses machine learning to measure every domain’s authority based on three main facets:

Backlink Signals

The quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to the website.

Organic Traffic

The estimated amount of organic traffic the website gets each month.

Spam Factors

An evaluation that detects manipulation or spam in the website’s link profile. This includes checking for the following spam indicators:
No organic rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs)
An unnaturally high percentage of dofollow backlinks
An imbalance between links and organic traffic
Too many referring domains with the same IP address
Too many referring domains with the same IP network
The presence of another domain with an identical backlink profile
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Why Is Authority Score Important

Compared to similar metrics, Authority Score is the least susceptible to manipulation when evaluating domains. This is because it considers signs of link spam in addition to the website’s backlink profile and organic traffic performance.

That said, Authority Score and similar metrics aren’t official Google ranking factors and don’t directly affect search results.

Learn more in our Authority Score article.

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What Is a Good Domain Authority Score?

The higher your Authority Score, the better.

But you shouldn't assess your website’s Authority Score in a vacuum. So, look at the Authority Scores for the sites you directly compete with in the SERPs and aim for a higher score.

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How to Improve Your Website’s Authority Score

The best way to influence your Authority Score is to improve your site’s overall SEO health—paying particular attention to your content quality and backlinks.

These are some of the most influential factors for ranking highly in Google’s search results.

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How to Check Your Website’s Authority Score

You can find the Authority Score for your domain or any other website using this checker or with Semrush’s Domain Overview, Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit Backlink Gap or Link Building Tool.


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