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Our digital agency, located in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey, is a hub of innovation and creativity specializing in web development and digital marketing. Our expertise in web development encompasses a broad spectrum of services, including cutting-edge web design, meticulous coding, crafting sophisticated custom web applications, and engineering advanced online solutions. Our capabilities in this area extend to multi-site management, B2B e-commerce applications, and seamless integrations with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

In the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, our agency stands out with a strategic focus on online presence management, branding, content creation, and management. We deploy data-driven approaches with analytical reporting to create campaigns that resonate with audiences, delivering valuable sector insights that empower our clients' businesses.

Our team is a blend of talented individuals, each contributing unique skills and perspectives. We have a co-founder who specializes in effective project management, a senior full-stack web master proficient in the latest technologies, backend experts skilled in PHP, JavaScript, and React Native, and a frontend developer adept in React and basic web technologies. Furthermore, our creative department includes a graphic designer and a social media manager who ensure that the visual communication aligns with brand identity. Additionally, we have four university interns who bring fresh ideas, an accountant who maintains our financial integrity, and myself as the founder, who orchestrates this symphony of talent with diverse experience in the field.

Our clientele primarily consists of manufacturers, exporters, brand owners, and mid-sized businesses, representing a wide range of industries. Through collaborative partnerships, we create tailored solutions that align with their specific goals and requirements, driving measurable results and maximizing return on investment. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, positions us as a trusted partner in the digital landscape, translating ideas into tangible success. Whether it's an intricate web development project or a comprehensive marketing strategy, our agency is poised to deliver excellence, innovation, and reliability.



Tan Kauçuk, a firm specializing in sealing profiles in sponge form since 1963, sought to expand its market and reach an international stature. The need to digitally evolve and offer comprehensive information to various industry sectors presented a multifaceted challenge.


Tan Kauçuk's digital transformation through a multilingual, user-friendly website enabled global reach and broader customer engagement. The initiative reflected the company's evolution and reinforced its industry leadership.


The digital transformation positioned Tan Kauçuk as a global player, with the website serving as a central hub for product information and corporate insights. The multilingual and user-friendly design enabled a broader customer reach, reflecting the company's evolution and commitment to industry lea


Creating a unified bilingual platform for Turkish healthcare firms in pharmaceuticals, medical, and dental sectors to present products and connect was a complex task.


Launched in 2019, the Turkish Healthcare - İKMİB portal categorized products and enabled firms to manage listings. It included features like event management, news, fair announcements, all in Turkish and English.


The portal became a central hub for the Turkish healthcare sector, streamlining the process of finding and promoting products. It fostered unity and collaboration within the industry.


Milan Jewellery faced a complex challenge of showcasing and managing exclusive gold jewelry for dealers online. The wholesale environment required precise order processing, product management, and adaptation to unique demands, all while maintaining efficiency and speed.


A customized B2B e-commerce platform was developed for Milan Jewellery, featuring functionalities like barcode ordering, Excel integration, and tailored reporting. Continuous enhancements ensured alignment with the specific demands of the wholesale jewelry market.


The platform elevated Milan Jewellery's digital presence, streamlining operations and enhancing the brand's competitive edge. Its agility and customer focus mark a significant success, firmly establishing Milan Jewellery as a leader in the jewelry sector.

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Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey : L’ agence Engin Design a aidé MILAN JEWELLERY à développer son activité grâce au SEO et au marketing numérique
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey : L’ agence Engin Design a aidé TAN KAUCUK à développer son activité grâce au SEO et au marketing numérique
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey : L’ agence Engin Design a aidé IKMIB à développer son activité grâce au SEO et au marketing numérique
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