SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam

This exam is intended for PPC and advertising specialists working with SEMrush tools.

20 questions / 27 min
  • About this exam This exam is composed of 20 questions that will measure your knowledge of SEMrush tools for advertising. Upon successful completion of the exam, an SEMrush for PPC Specialists certificate will be issued.

  • Who is this exam for? This exam is designed for PPC and advertising specialists who execute and track their paid search campaigns with the help of SEMrush and want to check and document their understanding of SEMrush tools.

  • What to expect from the exam? In this exam, you will face questions about SEMrush tools for PPC and advertising. Be prepared and brush up on your knowledge of SEMrush tools, since it can greatly increase your chances of passing.

12 lessons

SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Course

SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Course

Learn how to use SEMrush PPC tools by watching video tutorials and get practical advice every PPC should know.
Get certified by SEMrush
This free course consists of video tutorials and helpful tactics from skilled PPC experts Sean Patterson and Chris Wyatt. You will learn how to perform key digital advertising tasks with the help of SEMrush tools and get ready for the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam.
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Quickly Practice and Refine your PPC skills with the Mimic Pro Simulation, by SEMrush partner, Stukent. This simulation allows PPC specialists to rapidly improve their skills by running simulated PPC campaigns and seeing results instantly.

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