PPC Fundamentals Exam

35 questions / 40 min

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Who is this course for?

Whether you’re already competent in the PPC area, or you’re just on your way to proficiency - take this exam to document or just check your level of knowledge.

What will you be tested on?

  • Module 1

    PPC strategy and Sales Funnels

    How to make a PPC strategy effective and establish conversions along the funnel

  • Module 2

    Search advertising and keyword match types

    How to build keyword lists and set up a search campaign

  • Module 3

    Shopping campaigns

    How to set up Merchant Center and launch a shopping campaign

  • Module 4

    Display advertising

    How to optimize a display campaign and what ad formats exist

  • Module 5

    Universal App Campaigns

    How to set up Universal App campaigns and what best practices can be used for better performance

  • Module 6

    Bidding and budgeting

    How to use Conversion Optimizer and analyze the value of a click

  • Module 7

    Multi touch conversions

    The role of the home page and how branded search campaigns and remarketing can be used

Don’t feel well prepared?

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